A Real Lesson in Trust

My girlfriend Crystal and I have been dating for four and a half years. We do not in any way have the perfect relationship. We argue and have some problems like other couples, but we try our best to solve our problems. One problem that we had in the past was jealousy. I always considered myself to be a very secure man. I was not worried about other guys being around Crystal. One time, it almost ruined my relationship. I thought Crystal was cheating. I used Snapchat spy software to view her contacts and connections on social media.

Crystal was very a popular among the guys at our college. She was the total package. She was smart and beautiful at the same time. That was a hard package to find in at such a young age. I was very lucky to be in a relationship with her. All the guys at school wanted her for themselves. They were very jealous of me. One day, I was at Crystal’s dorm. She had to run an errand and left her phone behind by mistake. Her smartphone vibrated. I was curious to see what was happening. She got a text message from a guy named Adrian. He expressed how he was eager to see her again. He sent her a picture. I was hurt and enraged.

I used the spy software to view her Snapchat account. She sent one video of herself making funny faces to Adrian. I was heartbroken. I thought I was the only man she did that for. I felt so betrayed. A thousand negative thoughts came into my head. Finally, Crystal came back to the dorm with Adrian. They had big smiles on their faces. I angrily confronted Crystal about Adrian. Little did I know, I was in for a shock. Adrian was not her lover, he was her cousin that was just visiting from China. She had not see him in years. I was so embarrassed. Crystal and Adrian both laughed at my jealous actions.

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