How to Begin Writing an Essay – The Power of 3 For an Easy Takeoff


therefore, you have finally sat down to write his essay that probably very soon. You are looking at blank screen thinking to yourself: “why should I do this?” You probably have a lot of other thoughts that we invite you to share with my readers. Let’s be honest: you have the syndrome of acquired fear white page.

Te hear because I’ve been there. I’ve found for me that the hardest part of writing an essay is to write that first sentence. What is the cure?

the power of three:

write your essay in 3 steps

  1. write his thesis
  2. write your body
  3. make the correction of power

to write their thesis:

  1. choose your theme
  2. choose the verb
  3. reach three points of support (Yes the power of the three again)

1. The subject is essentially what your essay is about.

this is an example of a thesis:

game video benefit the health of the players.

what is the subject of this sentence? In other words, what is this sentence? It is video games. Please note that it is not just video games or players. It’s the law of video games specifically.

2. the word simply describes what the subject is or.

in this example, the theme is Video Games. Therefore, what it does, according to the thesis statement The players health benefits. Thus, the verb is ‘benefits’.

now that you have the subject and verb (and, in this case, the object that is ‘the players’ health), the thesis is performed. But a thesis is only the main part of the thesis. To complete the thesis statement, you have to do step 3:

3. Reach three points of support (Yes, the power of the three again).

as well, rather than be stuck thinking what write then here is a great way to test creativity blow:

raise with 3-point support to support your thesis. What can be? The easiest is just thinking about your thesis as an answer to a question. Therefore, if the above thesis is the answer, then what question?

how videogames benefit health of players?


from that ways video games benefit the health of the players?

and since you are using the power of three, here’s your answer: Video games

benefit the health of the players in three ways.

well. Do you see where it goes? Now you have a nice way to structure shortly. And all you have to do is reach three ways that video games can benefit the health of the players. These are some of the ideas:

Video games can benefit health in the following ways:

  • that improving coordination hand-eye coordination
  • provides relief from stress
  • burns calories

Wow! I can’t believe that I came up with three benefits for the health of the video games! And I did it without doing any research. And it took me about a minute. Now, if you are writing a research paper, then better go on the Internet and do a simple search to validate these claims. However, if only you are writing for a kind of writing, such as English 101, then most likely your teacher or instructor no matter if you’ve done your research and only cares about the quality of your essay.

and now – your complete thesis:

Video Games benefit the health of the players in three ways. First, it improves hand-eye coordination. Secondly, it provides relief from stress. And finally, it burns calories.

and is your first paragraph. Now, depending on how many pages your essay should focus only on one section at a time and provide some evidence. I’ll show you how to do this in another article.

therefore, see how the power of the three can help you write your first couple of sentences? Do not hesitate to send me a line if you have any questions or comments. Philip Saparov


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