We Have a Great Family Routine Going Here at Our Apartment in Lynchburg, VA

When we were younger you had to bring your own major appliances with you when you moved into an apartment. Plus, most places did not have a dishwasher, and there was usually only room for a stackable washer and dryer. Not anymore! We moved into this place that offers apartments in Lynchburg VA that are very nice. They provide you with a refrigerator and full-size washer and dryer. The kitchen also has a dishwasher, and I am not referring to me! We got great countertops and beautiful floors.

Outside is a splash park that is really fun. It is a concrete area where water fountains squirt water into arcs in the air. It is right next to the playground. Our kids really like it. There is also a very nice swimming pool with a waterfall area. We have really been enjoying the summer here. We do not need to travel anywhere for the kids to play and have loads of fun. Plus, my husband and I like to swim every day in the pool. We take a dip before and after work. Our apartment is close to the pool, and we all do some night swimming before settling in for a snack, TV and bed. The swimming makes the kids tired. Us too!

We have enjoyed every day we have been here. We have nice neighbors who are very friendly to us. Our kids play together with theirs. There is a clubhouse and basketball court too. My husband likes to play pickup games with a few of the other husbands here. They have fun competing against each other. The whole experience has been wonderful. The rent is affordable, the kids like it here, and we are close to where we work. We have a really great family routine going that is making life great.

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